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Why Visit The IVF Center To Plan Treatment For Low Ovarian Reserve

The process of creating a baby from the union of a sperm and an egg is indeed a miracle. It’s the way of Mother Nature to roll on the genetic structure of humans. However, there can be a lot of factors influencing the process of conception. If one small thing goes wrong, you can face problems getting pregnant.

If you are having trouble getting pregnant, you need to visit the nearest reproductive specialist to learn the reason causing the incapability. You will often hear that diminished ovarian reserve is the cause of infertility. Now, what’s that?

What is ovarian reserve?

The term “ovarian reserve” is basically scientific. It defines the number and the quality of eggs that the body of a woman is producing. Diminished reserve, therefore, implies that your ovary is not producing the standard quantity or quality of the eggs that are essential to creating the embryo.

The problem can hit people of all ages, and there is no single reason that can trigger the problem. Treatments do exist for the issue, and you can get pregnant despite the low reserve of eggs.

Testing the egg reserve

When you visit the IVF centre in Basaveswar Nagarthe specialists will suggest a number of tests to check your egg reserve. There are some obvious symptoms that indicate a low reserve of eggs. These include:

  • Shorter menstrual cycles in comparison to the standard span
  • Absence or late menstruation
  • History of miscarriage or abortion
  • Irregular periods with either very heavy or very light flow. 

These symptoms can pair up with your age factor or lifestyle issues to lead to a low ovarian reserve. Only the specialists can perform the tests as sometimes, the symptoms are close to PCOD.

Treatment options

It is not impossible for you to get pregnant with low ovarian reserve. All you need is an early diagnosis and an immediate treatment plan to increase the chances of conception. 

  • A common treatment plan includes injecting women suffering from low ovarian reserve with DHEA. Its dehydroepiandrosterone that is a mild androgen to improve fertility. 
  • DHEA supplements to aid in natural conception.

You need the treatment to improve the quality and quantity of eggs. 

Various options

It depends largely on the doctor and the diagnosis and how the treatment will proceed. 

  1. If you gave borderline issues in ovarian reserve, then IVF will be the best option. The doctor will offer estrogen primed antagonist protocol to maximize the number of follicles reaching maturity during the menstrual cycle; such treatment has helped many women to get pregnant with the same problems. 
  2. Very low reserve needs the mini IVF protocol. It is a gentle approach where the doctor will prescribe affordable medications to accelerate the release of the natural follicle-stimulating hormones from the pituitary gland of the body. Such hormones will trigger the follicles to grow and develop. 
  3. Extremely low resources will call for ovulation induction using intrauterine insemination. It is the best option for you if your ovarian reserve is too low. The process will be cost-effective and also help you to avoid the emotional burden that is always there during ant IVF treatment. 

All these methods will help you to become part of a healthy child or children if you are mentally prepared to give it a try. 

Improve the chances of fertilization

Don’t think that only the IVF clinic and a team of doctors can help you to get pregnant without you making any effort. You need to change certain lifestyle habits that can hinder the process of pregnancy. 

  • Say no to smoking as it is the worst possible hindrance in the way of pregnancy. 
  • If you have a high bodyweight, then you need to lower the weight immediately as high body weight and mass are not good for conception. 
  • Dint stress out. You need to be happy and in a good mood without mental burdens. 
  • Eat foods that contain natural antioxidants. It will always aid in stimulating the chances of pregnancy.

If you are glad to know that there is still hope of being a mother, you should immediately visit the IVF clinic. 

Understand the problem

One of the prime reasons why certain women fail to get pregnant with low ovarian reserve is the lack of knowledge. Unless you know that there is a high possibility of fertilizing the egg, you wot even know that you stand a chance to be a parent. 

That is why the visit and consultation with the reproductive specialist will be important for understanding the problem and planning the right treatment plan. Lack of knowledge won’t help you to get further in life. 

Be a happy parent

There is nothing to feel disappointed knowing that you have a low ovarian reserve. Why not utilize the existing reserve for planning the baby? Ask the specialist, and the person will help you get what you want. 

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