Friday, September 29, 2023

Desert Safari Tour Offers And You Should Put A Dubai Tour On Your Bucket List?

Dubai is the fourth most visited city. It is the destination of innovation and the future of the Emirates with many architectural achievements. Golden dunes stretch for miles amid palm-fringed islands with large shopping malls.

There are lavish restaurants and luxury resorts. The famous  Desert safari deals and offers extends to Dubai. Here you can observe the opposite of this thriving metropolis. It might seem like the only area that hasn’t changed over the years of expansion and development.

 Most Northern Hemisphere continues to wear winter coats from November to April. But Dubai has great weather.

 If you are not yet convinced, this is the perfect time to enjoy outdoor activities such as the Dubai Desert Safari. Consider the following reasons to consider a desert safari in Dubai as a must-do on your bucket list:

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

This isn’t the last 45-minute drive from a 5-star hotel to an endless stretch of desert. Dubai is famous for its luxurious and stunning attractions.

 But touring the desert is a completely different experience with soft sandy beaches and fine white sand beaches. There are endless desert activities, amazing sunset, and fine food and beverages in the background. You will experience an unfiltered life.

Camel safari

If a herd of camels moved, It looked like something straight out of an animated movie. You can sit comfortably on the backs of these cute creatures, whose long legs resemble ancient nomads. You will travel back in time while admiring the beauty of the landscape. The guide will ensure that the trip is fun and safe.

There are other wildlife to see

It is a Dubai Desert Conservation Area that seeks to preserve the natural landscape and native fauna and flora. Contrary to popular opinion that deserts do not provide living beings. Herds of wild animals roam freely, from antelopes, ores, and red foxes to porcupines, lizards, and centipedes. You can reach the park in a four-wheel-drive vehicle. Or on foot with a guided safari.

It’s the perfect camping spot.

The wilderness camping experience is part of the final part of your Dubai journey through the desert. Think outdoor barbecues and live performances. As well as comfortable seats and bright lighting. 

Experience traditional Tanoura performances, belly dancing, and shisha sipping. You can also hand-paint using henna and dress in traditional Arabian attire for the camp. It is possible to relax and unwind under the stars as the clock gets shorter and the day draws near.

Don’t miss out on the delicious Arabic buffet.

This is the best place. If you like food, The meals served in the camps are thoughtful and offer vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

 You can choose from a variety of grilled food. Salad made with fresh ingredients Delectable Arabian desserts, beverages, and more in a magical evening experience. This delicious 4-course buffet inspired by Arabian cuisine will satisfy your appetite and fill your soul.

There are many exciting activities.

Desert safaris in Dubai are known for thrilling experiences. It might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Don’t worry about it as an experienced trainer will assist you.

Here’s a summary of the Dubai desert safari:

Get on a 4WD with a driver specializing in dune smashing. This is an important part of this trip because you will be racing on the dunes at lightning speed while enjoying the music.

Sandboarding is an outdoor activity that combines helmets and roller coasters like snowboarding. Have your friends compete in sand events starting from the highest peak in the mountain.

Quad Bike Take off your diving gear and get ready for a thrilling ride. In 15-30 minutes, head out into the desert at your own pace.

Desert safari trips are available in a variety of price ranges and durations.

There are many desert safari tours to choose from; others fall under one of three umbrellas. Safaris are available in the morning or evening and are available overnight. However, the early-morning adventure attracts adventurers and thrill-seekers.

 At the same time, the nightlife is a great opportunity to experience the best of both worlds: adventure and cultural experience. You can customize your itinerary and choose the activities that best suit your needs. 

It’s up to you to remember your desert surfing experience. There are also combo trips that combine a desert safari experience in Dubai with other attractions. in the city. These trips are all-inclusive. You’ll be able to discover the city’s best attractions in a matter of days without.

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